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A Car-Bags travel bags set is large and manageable

At the product development keeps in mind that a travel bag should be big enough, but at the same time remain manageable. travel bags are mostly 30-35 cm wide, so that folded clothing fits well in it. Our bags are not too large, because large bags are heavy and difficult to handle.

A Car-Bags set is always a combination of trolley bags and travel bags, so you can pack or unpack the car in only 3 walks. travel bag sets are designed for quick and easy packing and unpacking. In this way you can enjoy your vacation even better! topkwaliteit trolley systeem - voor optimaal rolgemak


Sturdy trolley system

Each trolley bag has sturdy rubber wheels, which have bearings at both sides. This construction is the strongest and ensures optimal rolling. reistassen zijn voorzien van handige verstelbare banden



Adjustable shoulder straps

Each hand bag has convenient adjustable shoulder straps, so that everyone can easily carry them.