Questions? Mail to™ travel bags tailored for your car

Do you recognise this? You're going on holiday with your family. At the last minute you pack up. But how do you get that pile of bags and suitcases in your car? Loading, unloading, try again and... again. Until everything finally fits. And you wanted to leave early! travel bags are the solution, because they are tailor made to fit the trunk of your car.


The benefits of our concept travel bag set with luggage label set

Convenient and fast packing puts an end to all fiddling and fitting. Each Car-Bags travel bag set is exactly tailored for a specific car model. Thus you can pack without stress, because you know: if it fits in the Car-Bags set, it will automatically fit into your trunk.

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Free sight; a travel bag set remains underneath the cargo screen

Travel safely

With a Car-Bags travel bag set you make optimal use of the boot space, therefore there will be less need to place loose luggage in the passenger compartment of your car. Thus you also travel safer thanks to

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Compactly storable

Each Car-Bags travel bag set is fully collapsible - unlike hard suitcases - and therefore compactly storable. Convenient at your holiday destination, but also at home.

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Top quality and 3 years warranty on travel bags

Top quality stands for quality. Many details show that we have spent a lot of time creating a beautiful and durable product. But besides that, we also offer great service and give you the guarantee of 3 years warranty.

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