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Convenient and fast packing

Do you recognise this? You're going on holiday with your family. A great prospect of course. But it also means ... packing stress! Because, how do you get that pile of bags and suitcases in your car? Loading, unloading, try again and... again. Until everything finally fits. puts an end to all your packing stress travel bag sets are tailor made for the boot space of your car and available for more than 400 car models. Thus every car model has its own custom made set, from which the bag sizes are precisely tailored to the trunk space. Most Car-Bags sets consist out of an under layer of 3 handy trolley bags with wheels and telescoping handle and a top layer of 3 matching hand bags.


If it fits in the bags, it will fit in the trunk of your car

Car travel bags with luggage label set

Packing has never been so convenient and fast: it fits in the Car-Bags set, then it automatically fits into your car. Each travel bag set has a 100% fit. The trunk is optimally used, enabling you to take more with you. And at your holiday destination you can unpack your car just as fast!


A travel bag set is easy to handle

Manageable bags

Large travel bags become very heavy and not easily to manage when packed. At the product development keeps in mind that a travel bag should be big enough, but at the same time remain manageable.

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